Senior Surgeon - David Giorgadze

Head of the Department of Surgery - Soso Sanikidze


Zurab Zedginidze

Bakur Arabuli

Surgery is one of the principal areas of the clinic "Concilium Medulla." Here the operations of any complexity are performed for cancer patients as well as for other surgical pathologies.

In addition to the traditional method, operations are also carried out by an endoscopic method using the endo-video technique (laparoscopy, endoscopy).

The exceptional achievement of our surgeons is the performance of thoracoscopic surgeries in the chest area. David Giorgadze –happens to be the first in Georgia, who has successfully implemented thoracoscopy of lungs and mediastinum.

Our team of surgeons provides the following services:

  • Cardiothoracic surgery (pathology of the lungs and mediastinum);
  • Abdominal surgery (diseases of stomach, liver, intestines, genioplasty);
  • Laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery with the usage of endo-video;
  • Endocrine surgery (surgeries on the thyroid and the adrenal gland);
  • Mammalogical surgery (breast surgery);
  • Soft tissue surgery (diseases of skin, bone, fat and muscle tissue);
  • Urological surgeries;
  • Endoscopic surgeries (polypectomy from larynx, stomach, intestines).

Surgical operations are carried out with the help of the latest technology and by internationally recognized medical standards.

The clinic implemented:

  • A biopsy of the organs of abdominal cavity and chest area, retroperitoneal area and formations.
  • The implantation of a venous port.

Manipulations mentioned above generally are performed with the support of computer, ultrasonic and radiographic inspection.


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