Head of Department, Neurologist - George Chakhava

  • Neurologist - Nani Burduli
  • Neurologist - Temur Kakubava
  • Neurologist - Eka Imedashvili
  • Neurologist - Miranda Demuria

Neurological service offers patients interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic-innovative methods, taking into account personal and preventive approaches.

Treatment of stroke, primary and secondary prevention, vascular dementia: (on the scale of assessing the severity of stroke of the National Institute of Health - using the Rankin and Barthell index).

Neuropsychiatry (conversion and various types of obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurotic depression - the Hopkins anxiety and depression scale (or the Hamilton anxiety scale), using the Beck, Hamilton, the Epidemiological Research Center, or Montgomery Depression Diagnosis Scales, as well as the inclusion in the treatment regimen the elements of cognitive behavioral and rational psychotherapy.

Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases of the nervous system (diagnosis, treatment).

Movement disorders (Parkinsonism and Parkinsonian syndromes, cerebellar-vestibular disorders, normotensive hydrocephalus, diagnosis - use of the unified Parkinson's disease assessment scale and treatment).

Rehabilitation of memory and intellectual functions.

Neuromuscular diseases (myasthenia gravis and myasthenic syndromes, hereditary myodystrophy, inflammatory, endocrine and metabolic myopathies, poly neuro- and multiple mononeuropathies - using methods of studying nerve conduction and EMG - electromyography).

Neurodegenerative diseases (mild cognitive deficits, Alzheimer's disease and the diagnosis of other types of dementia - on the diagnostic scale: normal and modified MMSE, CDR, treatment of frontal lobe dysfunction using the Montreal Cognitive Evaluation Scale, a function assessment questionnaire and a daily and instrumental activity scale.

Neuroinfections - diagnosis and treatment.

Neurooncology (tumors of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system and paraneoplastic syndromes).

Modern Interdisciplinary management of pain (primary and secondary headaches of various types, osteochondrosis, spondyl gen ous myeloid- and radiculopathies, myofascial and regionally prevalent pain syndromes - with the use of diaries and diagnostic scales, paravertebral and muscular blockade - infiltration of pain points during treatment, including Perineural infiltration of peripheral points).

The clinic "Consillium Medulla" can diagnose and treat the following diseases:

  • migraine;
  • A tension headache;
  • A psychogenic headache;
  • A vascular headache;
  • A cluster headache;
  • A headache from the consequences of neuro-infections;
  • A headache during arterial hypertension;
  • A headache caused by volumetric processes of the brain;
  • A headache caused by pathology of the cervical spine segment;
  • A headache caused by inflammation of additional nasal depths (sinusitis, frontalis);
  • A headache during trigeminal neuralgia;
  • A headache caused by the pathology of the joint of the lower jaw;
  • A headache from toxic substances;

Patients with a migraine have an opportunity to participate in current research programs that involve the transfusion of a monoclonal antibody antagonist associated with the calcitonin gene of the CGRP peptide - this approach has been introduced in our clinic over the past two years.

Along with this, a program of management of chronic lumbosacral radiculopathy is carried out.

In addition to the foregoing, in close collaboration with other institutions, the neurological service provides a broad range of high-tech and multidisciplinary neurodiagnostic studies (1.5 and 3-mesh MRTs in angiographic mode, multilayered CT in angiographic mode, color coded extra / transcranial Doppler scan with duplex scanning and EMBO-detection, EMG and with the use of methods of research of nerve conduction, a multifunctional compound of laboratory medicine

In the clinic, there is a service of the neuro-consillium.



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