Head of the Endocrinology Department of Lika Pertaia


Our goal is a timely diagnosis and proper treatment of endocrinological diseases, prevention of disease complications and the expected improvement in the quality of life of patients.

The full treatment, in compliance with the recommendations of recent guidelines, includes the implementation of a healthy lifestyle.

The clinic is performing multi-profile management of the endocrine diseases at the time of diagnosis as well as at the stage of treatment.

The primary directions of endocrinology department:


Specified direction particularly quickly and successfully developed in the clinic "Consilium Medulla." That’s the result of the activity of a multi-profile team in the same space and disease management on the principle of consultation.

Clinical endocrinology, radiology, endocrinology surgeon, cytologist/pathologist, and physician - is the core team that is involved in the diagnosis Thyroid abnormalities and determining treatment strategy, and, if necessary, the clinic has a resource in connection to the process of all related professionals.

Equipped with the latest equipment diagnostic department allows to carry out all the basic laboratory and radiological examination of the patient.

In the management of the nodular pathology properly planned and performed needle biopsy and cytology is paramount.

  • Diabetology
  • Reproduction
  • Obesity and weight correction

 It should be noted that we are the only clinic where a consultation determines the final diagnosis and treatment strategy (conservative, surgical, scale operations).

 The patient can receive in one space full outpatient and inpatient services. At the same time, our outpatient services include patient preoperative preparation and postoperative monitoring.


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