Nugzar Kinkriashvili - head of the anesthesia department;

Tsisi Kharaishvili - chairman of the intensive care unit;

Irakli Mzhavanadze - anesthesiologist-resuscitator.

Samvel Agalaryan - doctor;

Vano Shubitidze - doctor.

Preoperative preparation of the patient is carried out in the anesthesiology and resuscitation department of our clinic. The anesthesiologist together with the attending physician explains in detail to the patient what to expect before the operation and after its completion. Patients receive instructions on how to prepare for the operation.

  • The department uses the following pain medications:
  • General balanced anesthesia;
  • The spinal anesthesia;
  • The epidural anesthesia;
  • The inhalational anesthesia with preservation of spontaneous breathing;
  • Total intravenous anesthesia;
  • Total intravenous anesthesia with preservation of spontaneous breathing.

In our clinic, successfully implemented operations in the chest area under endobronchial anesthesia in conditions of the so-called. "Anesthesia of one lung," which allows the surgeon to work comfortably, reduces tissue trauma and shortens the duration of the operation.

In the conditions of endobronchial anesthesia, both diagnostic and therapeutic thoracoscopy are performed.

In conditions of sedation, otherwise superficial sleep, the patient will undergo the following examinations: endoscopic (gastro and colonoscopy), trephine biopsy of bones and biopsy of tumor formations.

The anesthetist conducts all pre-operative Consiliums, which is the central principle of the work of our clinic. The Consilium means the attendance of the physician, surgeon operator, radiologist, therapist, resuscitator and, if necessary, any appropriate specialist. After surgery, an intensive care doctor and a nurse are connected to discuss the patient's condition and attention. The intensive care unit serves patients with all degrees of severity. The department practices the diagnosis of each patient and develops a plan for further treatment at a consultation with the participation of physicians of various profiles. The clinic provides the consultants of any profile (infectious disease specialist, cardiologist, neurologist, nephrologist, etc.).

The intensive care unit is equipped with modern, high-quality diagnostic (CT, endoscopy, echoscope, X-ray) and medical equipment. The clinic operates a 24-hour clinical laboratory.

Junior doctors are trained in the unit of intensive therapy.


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