Lana Lagvilava


Therapist, rheumatologist


Overview of the work

Management of a rheumatological patient: diagnosis, assessment of clinical and laboratory data,  interpretation of the densitometric research, choice of the treatment regimen; Management of concomitant diseases and complications, immunotherapy, evaluation of results.


Field of activity

Osteoporosis, the newest method of treatment (monoclonal antibodies - Prolia). Autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic vasculitis. Immunotherapy with such drugs as MabThera, Remicade, Actemra.

The beginning of clinical activity - 2002.

Scientific and research activity

The chief researcher and co-researcher of 12 clinical studies of I, II, III phases in the field of rheumatology and therapy.



Member of the National Association for Osteoporosis;

Member of the International Federation of Osteoporosis (IOF).

Training / Conferences

Training on GCP.

Publications / Articles.

The author of five publications and seven articles in the field of rheumatology and therapy.


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Addres: Tbilisi, Politkovskaya str. 6g
Phone: +995 32 212 20 02
Fax: 32 230 45 04