Successful Implementation of the Innovative Cancer Treatment

For the first time, an innovative ovarian cancer treatment with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) was introduced in Georgia at the clinic Consilium Medulla.

During HIPEC a chemotherapeutic drug is heated to 43°. The heated drug directly affects the damaged by the cancer area. Direct exposure of the heated medication causes injury of cancer cells by protein denaturation. 

On December 6, the first HIPEC procedure was performed to a 68-year-old woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a year ago. The patient has already undergone surgery on uterus, ovaries and omentum. Moreover, she went through 14 courses of chemotherapy. In our clinic, during diagnostic procedures it showed that metastases were spread in the peritoneum and the liver capsule. 

Surgeons of the Clinic Consilium Medulla David Karsimashvili and Zurab Zedginidze performed peritonectomy and removed metastases from liver capsule. After that, heated to 43° C drug Cisplatin circulated in the abdominal cavity for 60 minutes. The operation went without complications. The patient feels well and already has been discharged from the hospital. For the successful implementation of the HIPEC, a long-term partner of our clinic, the Italian professor Gianluigi Melotti made a significant contribution. The procedure was carried out with the supervision and participation of a team of Italian specialists.





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