Giorgi Adeishvili - Head of the urological service.


  • Karina Butzhrikidze - urogynecologist;
  • Einar Hasanov - junior doctor.

In the urological department of the clinic "Consilium Medulla," the diagnosis and treatment of urological, urogynecological and urologic oncological patients are carried out using the latest methods.

The main principles of our clinical practice:

  • High efficiency;
  • Using of medical guidelines of the Europe and other leading countries;
  • Individual approach and application of the consultation of the clinic as the primary principle of patient management.

Priority directions of the urological department of our clinic:

Timely diagnosis and treatment of vaginal diseases of the urinary system (prostatitis, cystitis, balanitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, orchitic);

Urogenital infection's diagnosis and their complex treatment (chlamydia, trichomonas, ureaplasmas, mycoplasmas, candidiasis).

Diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction in men (premature ejaculation), the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in men and women.

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility in men on an outpatient basis.

Prophylaxis, diagnosis, and treatment of urolithiasis (remote shock wave lithotripsy).

The use of a comprehensive methodology in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostatitis.

The treatment of the problem of involuntary urination.

Neurogenic bladder.

Complete diagnosis and treatment of prostate adenoma.

Urological operations according to modern standards.

Timely and complete diagnosis of urology oncological diseases, selection of an appropriate treatment plan and its full implementation.


In the urological department of our clinic the following examinations and manipulations are carried out:

  • Biochemical analyses of blood and urine.
  • Determination of the level of PSA in the blood.
  • Cystoscopy.
  • Urethroscopy.
  • Prostate biopsy (prostate gland).
  • Ultrasound examination of urogenital organs.
  • Uroflowmetry.
  • Physiotherapy.

Computer and X-ray examination of urogenital organs


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